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This week I was very very bored because I have go to the school until 9:00 of the morning, my life is awesome for my, in this week make many things for example, in my community Joñhe was raining much animals , flowers, three, lake having water, but here in Mexico the day 15 of September is a day very important the holding of many people in de central park of Huichapan, Tecozautla, they meet for celebrate the independence of Mexico, that day I don’t go a person very important en the family of my mother passed away, then my sister Maribel an Mother were to his house in the night, my father I was in Guanajuato very a faraway of here because he work in the quarry only arrives the Friday in the night , I have the hope of that a day of these my family is meeting, I sad only I see few hours to my family, the weekend I am working in the baleneario…show more content…
The connection whit the nature is very depp his soul is more noble that that of us, the duration of the movie is of almost two hours, the avatar are similar to the people but they are blue, have very long tail and very big eyes, I don’t remember the name of principal actor, but in the movie he this in a wheelchair, he is a solder he had a brother also he was is a brother twin in that planet there gold or a wonderful rock. The planet Earth is a part important of the movie, solder and
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