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Problem Definition It appears that Avaya’s most immediate problem is a noticeable operational “gap” between the marketing and sales departments. Throughout the sales process, the departments are not working together in a cooperative fashion – they’re working separately, and sequentially. This gap not only affects the ways in which the departments interact and communicate, but is also likely affecting sales and demand generation. If there was a new model put in place for sales and marketing to work together, not only would sales and demand generation improve, but efficiency would undoubtedly increase. Due to the current operational model in place with these departments, each has their own systems and processes (funnels)…show more content…
It’s likely that the initial response to these changes would not be all positive. In an organization like Avaya that has done things a certain way for so long, employee push-back on change is inevitable. Adding to this would be the fact that compensation among members of the sales team is much more directly affected by sales performance than members of the marketing team. An effective transition plan would have to be established with a two-way communications channel providing up-front and easily-understood information to employees about the planned changes. Perhaps creating a “transition team” comprised of select sales and marketing personnel would allow for a smoother implementation, as the representatives would hold an active role in fulfilling transition objectives.

Sales promotion As another alternative, I feel that jointly-organized sales promotion would generate short-term sales. Avaya has a very well-designed organizational structure with their sales and marketing departments that allows them to reach a wide variety of markets. They also seem to have a very thorough understanding of their target market. This leads me to believe that effective sales promotions could be created to attract new business through direct e-mail and other easily-targetable channels. Utilizing high-tech channels of promotion would also provide the marketing and sales departments with a mechanism for tracking the impact that individual campaigns and distributions have on
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