Avaya Unified Communications: a Call Center Communication Network

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Running head: AVAYA UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Avaya Unified Communications: A Call Center Communication Network Effective Communication in a call center is vital for success. Yet today there are too many communication devices which seem to be adversely challenging and confusing to today’s employees. The need for electronic business and communication technologies are growing as call centers grow to keep up with competition, develop e-business, and to go global. Office phones, cell phones, lap tops, smart phones, text messing, instant messaging, voice mail, and email are some of the ways to communicate and to stay constantly connected. However, if all of these devices are not directly connected there could be a delay in…show more content…
The network infrastructure used for verification is configured with Avaya Mobility Gateway with an Avaya Access Point working with the Avaya server. The system is made available to essential personnel at any location, on any network, and by using any device. Our customer’s have accessibility to the WAN and are routed to the right employee without experiencing a substantial wait time. They are able to reach the correct employee on the first transfer. The customer needs to be the number one focus which is maintain through our communication platform. The Avaya Gateway has 16 switch ports two ports for uplink. The Light Access Point (LAP) can be connected to any of the 16 ports and power on. Configuration is not required for the LAP. The LAP image and configuration is pushed to the LAP from the media gateway when the LAP is powered on. The Media Gateway supports IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless protocols The configuration for the media gateway is acquired by using web interface or the command line interface (CLI). [pic] Figure 1: Avaya W310/W110 Wireless Network Configuration Charter Communications is the third-largest cable entertainment and broadband service provider in the country. Avaya Uniformed Communications ensures that Charter will to offer customer service excellence to our

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