Aventura Essay

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Executive Summary

Port Aventura was launched in 1995 and since that time has transformed from a theme park to an all-encompassing resort. Due to this change, management now requires the ability to identify and target individual customers, as opposed to statistical averages of broad groups. One-to-one communication will allow for customized marketing packages and the ability to maximize revenues. However, information management systems currently in place are not capable of tracking customers to the degree needed to support a one-to-one marketing approach. Therefore, it is the recommendation of Nielsen consulting that Port Aventura implements a data warehouse to facilitate the required analytics to determine who their customer is.
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c) The risks of this proposal
d) What IT security challenges will occur in transitioning to the new system
e) What organizational challenges will occur in transitioning to the new system
Note: these questions are intended to help your analysis. However, your final solution to the case and recommendations to management should not necessarily be limited to the answers to these questions or the assumptions in the case. Students are expected to use their judgment and analyze the feasibility of the projected information provided in the case exhibits.
Written Requirements
The final paper should be formatted in Microsoft Word using the following specifications:
• Cover page o One page cover with project title, group member's names, e-mail addresses, and the written statement "This work complies with the JMU Honor Code."
• Body o Organization and Content:
 Table of Contents: refer to headings, subheadings with page numbers
 Introduction: Brief introduction/overview of topic with an executive summary of the recommendation to Port Aventura
 Text
 You can put tables, charts, and illustrations in the text of the paper or you can use an optional appendix. If they are taken from someone else's work, please cite the source.
 Use headings, subheadings, and page numbers o Page setup of the body:
 Expect the length to be about 15 pages (I am not picky on length. If your paper is 10 or 25 pages and meets the criteria, I
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