Avenue Q Term Paper

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Nia Sherard
Yohancey Kingston
Professor Adler
April 2010 The both of us, Nia and Yohancey went to go see Avenue Q; we were pleased with our choice on that show after you, professor Adler had spoken about it so much. We decided to go to the play on Wednesday, April 21st. It was the day of the Jesuit Court carnival so as soon as it ended at 5 we went to get showered dressed and catch the shuttle. We were on the way to the city by 5:30 so that we could figure out how to get our tickets for the show and at a cheap rate. I printed out tickets so that we could get cheaper seats but when we got to the path I realized I left it in my dorm; fortunately my mom works in the city so she printed it out for me. When we got into
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The next song was “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist”; it would be considered a brotherhood/ community song because it brought all the characters together. It starts off as Princeton and Kate Monster singing together then they bring in the other characters and try to have them admit that they also are racist in their own way. This was one of our favorite songs of the show because it we related it to ourselves and our lives. Kate Monster then gets a call from the teacher she teaches with and the teacher told Kate she will have to teach class along because she has to get heart replacement surgery. She then realizes that she wants to teach the kids how to use the internet. As she is singing about teaching the kids how to use the internet Trekkie monster (played by Cullen R. Titmas) keeps cutting in and interrupting her saying that the internet is used just for porn. The song was called “The Internet Is For Porn” and by the time we left the theatre we both kept singing it all the way home, it was one of the catchiest tunes in the show and it could be seen as both a buffo and an exposition for Trekkie Monster because you learn of his love for porn. Yohancey still keeps singing the words because he said he can relate to it because that’s how some of his friends think. The play moves on and it gets into Kate Monster developing a crush on Princeton and she hopes he is feeling the same way. HE comes to

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