Aversion Therapy Is A Method Of Treatment Used For Treat, Decrease, And Evidentially

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Chad Rowe
Mississippi College

Child Abuse Investigation AJU432 AO/OL
Pamela Spence
July 2, 2015 Abstract
Aversion Therapy is a method of treatment used to treat, decrease, and evidentially try to eliminate intolerable behaviors. This form of treatment has been used to treat many different addictions and ailments. There are multiple methods used in Aversion Therapy treatment. The study of Aversion Therapy used in treating sexual disorders has been around for years and is somewhat controversial. The four major methods of Aversion Therapy used in the treating of sexual addictions and behaviors are: chemical, electrical, classical, and operant. Today’s society is chalk full of sexual deviants, pedophiles, and rapists, who have deep seated issues which need addressed and resolved. Since the 50’s, there has been a serious increase in sexual abuse and sexual abuse related deaths. During this time, the number of pedophiles and sexual deviants has drastically increased. Sexual abuse and sexual misconduct is one of the leading causes of psychological issues in children and adults today. Aversion Therapy is being used to loosen the grip of sexual addictions and sexual psychological disorders. The techniques have been used in treating many sexual deviants and are described and critically measured from the point of view of the experimental psychology of learning.
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