Avian Flu Issues And The Flu

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Avian flu issues The avian flu is a flu strain that is transmitted from infected poultry to humans either via the infected bird its self or its fecal matter. This strain of flu is more serious then the normal seasonal flu strains that come around, and for this reason increase the chance of this disease becoming an epidemic. This flu strain is more dangerous because as it spreads to a new species, such as humans, for a host then it is more likely to mutate and become more likely to pass human to human, or just become more deadly for its hosts. All human cases of avian flu have been directly linked to people that were in close contact with birds and poultry on a regular basis and showed no signs of human to human transfer. The British Medical Journal said that the first seen cases of avian flu were in china in 1997. In this small out break eighteen were infected and six died. Since then other cases of human avian flu have been seen around the globe. If the avian flu were to mutate and become able to spread human to human many ethical issues would occur. First off if we were to attempt to make an emergency vaccine or anti viral drug to combat the epidemic how would we test it? It would take months to create these counter measures and there is no guarantee that they would work, also human trials would have to happen and that opens up a new basket of issues as we have seen with the current Ebola out break. Eventually it would get tot a point ware ethics would have to go out the…

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