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Airline Policy & Strategy Assessment 1 Academic Year 2012-2013 Formulating Analysing & Researching Policy The first assessment for this module asks you to deconstruct a piece of tourism policy. It draws directly on the research paradigm outlined by Fidgeon & Ritchie (2005). In addition it develops the self-directed activities you have been recommended to undertake in your study pack together with our work in lectures and tutorials. As a consequence you should be familiar with all of the tasks being assessed in this exercise. Before you launch into the assessment, read the policy document you have been given thoroughly. In addition the assessment also requires that you find some additional detailed information. Check…show more content…
Minimising the effect of capacity constraints at Heathrow 5. Support argument for future Capacity at LHR by delivery of Environmental Benefit Supply strategies 1. New model line 2. Terminal five transfers Add security Lanes 3. T3 South Wing HVAC Replacement 4. Way finding strategy Initiative 5. Terminal five early bag store capacity increase Task 7 Clearly some ‘entity’ (i.e. body or organisation) must be designated with the responsibility for writing, co-ordinating and implementing any policy document. In the case of this policy, who has such responsibility? How do they envisage conducting their role(s)? For example, will they take total responsibility for the document and its content or will they designate certain responsibilities? - A comprehensive structure is in place to engage with the airline community on the Q5 programme and beyond. The Joint Steering Team (JST) provides a forum for cross campus consultation and is attended by representatives from the home based carriers, the alliances, IATA and the AOC. The Information Technology (IT)/Systems scope is covered by three separate portfolios; Airport Operational Systems, Infrastructure Renewal and Business Planning and Support Solutions The management and allocation of PSDH funds is governed through the Joint Steering Team (JST). Task 8 Finally we used the term stakeholder for any person who seeks to influence the policy making process. Give some examples of the

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