Aviation Centered Spatial Development And The Regional Development Of The Central Business District

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The literature in this field centers on on the different land-use theories that would be applicable to aviation - centered spatial development. The early theorictial concepts of airport development focused on the regional development of the Central Business District (CBDs) where airports were often located on the outlining areas of cities. Land-use around airports was not viewed as an integral component in the economic vitality of urban planning. Early land - use theories included: Concentric Zone Theory - Burgess (1925) which stated that cities grew outwards from the centre in a series of rings; the Sector Model - Hoyt (1939) which detailed that city growth sectors radiated out from the CBD along transport routes; and Multiple Nuclei Theory - Harris and Ullman (1945) which expounded that as an urban area grows, it develops around a number of different business centres or nuclei. Each nucleus acts as a growth point to which growth occurs outwards from each nucleus, until they all merge into one large urban area.

The most influential land - use theory for airport-centered spatial development was that of the Single Nulcei Theory. This theory, although similar to that of Multiple Nuclei Theory, instead of sprouting from several economic catalysts, had one primary catalyst serve as the central source of outward growth for the larger outlining or urban area. All these theories served as precursors for my research, as the airport city and aerotropolis…
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