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There are several factors that enabled Wilbur and Orville Wright, two high school dropouts, to produce a successful airplane controlled by a pilot. The Wright brothers were self-educated and very experienced with several types of technologies when they began their efforts to produce an airplane. Having worked as bicycle mechanics, they understood the importance of several technologies working together to create one particular design, as well as the significance of balance. The brothers worked well together, learning from past attempts at aviation, and drawing from other’s findings, in addition to discovering many of their own. One of the most distinct differences in their attempt from other aviators was that the brothers began by first…show more content…
They were willing to take their design in small steps, working toward a fully powered plane, whereas, most aviators attempted to add power first. As accomplished pilots, they were able to better control the plane once an engine was added. The Wright’s were masters in using graphic mental imagery to understand structure and design. The ability to form visual pictures of how a piece should look and operate and then put that picture to physical hardware was a key point in their success.
Two prime examples of successful airplanes are the Spirit of St. Louis and the DC-3. On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in history. His accomplishment helped to reassure the pubic as to the reliability and safety of airplanes. From then on, the aviation industry as a whole increased in profit and in interest. More planes were produced and used for differing reasons. The public was astonished at the achievement and started to believe in the idea of commercial aviation being open to the general public. In 1935, the aviation system in America proudly produced the versatile DC-3, using it primarily to carry passengers and cargo. This plane was the first to make a profit from flying passengers, as well as the first to fly non stop from New York to Chicago with comfort amenities. Later, it was and in some cases still used today to move cargo.
Recognition is due to the
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