Aviation Geography

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|Subject |Aviation Geography | |Professor |Dr. Olgun Cicek | |Title |United Arab Emirates | |Date |18th May 2008 | |Group members |Rashid sharafuddin | Table of contents: |Abstract…show more content…
Abstract: This research is about the geography of the U.A.E. It talks about the physical features of the U.A.E. such as the location, demography, climate, regions etc. It also includes information about the cultural factors such as their lifestyle, language spoken etc. We will also included information about the demand and supply of travel and tourism which has many sub divisions. 2. Introduction: A country in the middle of the world in an area called the Middle East, the U.A.E. is a flourishing destination in all aspects. The country has a very brief history behind it with just a couple of decades in the past to talk about. But since the old days where U.A.E was regarded as a desert land and rightly so, it has evolved into a completely new world. 3. Findings: 3.1 Physical features: 3.1.1 Introduction: The United Arab Emirates ancient history cannot be separated from the greater history of Oman and the Arabian Gulf which stretches back for thousands of years. Excavation and archaeological finds in many places in the United Arab Emirates prove that a great civilization has prospered in this area dating back to about 4,000 BC and that this civilization had contacts and exchange with other neighboring civilizations. In medieval history this area, consisting of parts of the Arabian Peninsula, was the domicile of Arab tribes. After the Greeks, several
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