Aviation Industry : An Essential Element Of Today 's Global Society

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Abstract Currently, aviation undoubtedly has become an essential element of today 's global society. Being one of the safest transports in the world, the air transport industry never fails to provide maximum comfort to its passengers. To accommodate demand that keeps on increasing from time to time, the aviation industry consistently improvised and improved its manufacturing system toward better production. One of the efforts is to start using automation assembly in its production. Automation assembly has long been in use in the manufacturing industry and is considered as one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. It has been used widely in the automotive industry, with robots eventually taking over a lot of manual activities …show more content…

For decades, industries incorporating green projects have focused mainly on cost down and value analysis by only paying attention to the compliance issue in order to minimize the risk, maintaining health, and protecting the environment as a whole. With rapid economic progress and tremendous advances of science and technology, awareness of environmental protection has now become a worldwide consensus and in need of serious attention in sustaining the needs of our environment. The evolution of current technology undoubtedly had brought the aviation industry to another level. Today we have heard another achievement in aviation technology where automation assembly is now being introduced as an initiative to achieve a higher degree of precision and flexibility in production. As stated by Tanya M. Anandan (2016) in her article, according to Boeing, which was among the earliest to adopt this technology, the automation process also simplifies construction by using determinant assembly, i.e., part-to-part indexing, for panel and floor indexing. This approach provides for a quicker process by using features of the parts, such as drilled holes, quickly to align components without requiring further tooling or fixtures. While the technology sounds promising and amazingly efficient, there are a lot of environmental issues that need to be discussed and explored in terms of its efficiency, productivity and economics. The development of green

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