Aviation Industry Is Not Immune For Changing Economics, Low Demands, And Threats

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Introduction As an industry, aviation is not immune to changing economics, low demands, and threats. Throughout the history, there have been hundreds of airlines formed, but some have already disappeared and some are still going strong. Aviation industry is constantly being challenged by economic status, organizations, and individuals which affect the revenue, growth and profitability of each airline. Tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001 put a huge dent in the industry but currently in the process of recovering slowly and steadily. Demands for air transportation is constantly on the rise even with occasional sets backs encountered by the industry such as; terrorism, changing economics, skyrocketing fuel prices, demand changes, and increasing competition.
Current Status of the Company In the early days, the airline was struggling to perform financially. It took about five years to post its first profits. Today, the airline operates 10 hubs and 9 maintenance bases which are located mostly on the west coast. Current hubs are also served by the partner airlines.
Hub Location Departures
Denver International Airport (DEN) 157
Houston International Airport (IAH) 47
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) 163
Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP) 66
Chicago International Airport (ORD) 134
Portland International Airport (PDX) 26
Phoenix International Airport (PHX) 67
Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) 25
San Francisco International
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