Aviation Insecurity : Why The Tsa Doesn 't Do Its Job

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Frank Poon
Mrs. Haedtler
AP Lang Period 6
28 January, 2014
Aviation Insecurity: Why the TSA Doesn’t Do Its Job In our time, the Transportation Security Administration is an integral part of airports in the United States. One cannot simply travel on a plane without going through the metal detectors or taking off his or her shoes. For many travelers, the TSA is a hassle. However, some treat it as a necessary evil. They believe that the presence of the TSA is needed to offset the vulnerable state of airports. The Transportation Security Administration is fails to do its job in serving the public. Its policies and practices infringe on people’s privacy, have questionable effectiveness, and pose health risks, while its employees behave
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airliners and airports have made aviation security a continued priority.” (Baljoria, “The Debate Over Airport Security”) In response to this, the Transportation Security Administration has added more security measures over the years, including millimeter-wave body scanners and invasive pat-downs.
Citizens’ response to the Transportation Security Administration became overwhelmingly negative after the new policies were put into effect starting 2007. “Following their [the body scanners’] widespread deployment, the American Civil Liberties Union received over 900 complaints from travelers during the month of November [2010].” (Baljoria, “The Debate Over Airport Security”) The issue was big enough to be reported in mainstream media, and as a result even more people were exposed to it. Besides protesting individually, citizens created and joined groups opposing the Transportation Security Administration’s practices, including Operation Grab Ass, an online community founded on social media site reddit. Although media coverage has died down, these communities are still active today and continue to address their grievances towards the government.
The ban list in the Transportation Security Administration has grown steadily. It now includes a wide range of items, separated into seven categories: Sharp Objects, including blades and knives; Sporting Goods, including blunt objects such as baseball bats as well as sharp ones like ice skates; Guns & Firearms; Tools, both
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