Aviation Maintenance Trends

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Aviation MaitenanceTrends To fly was a tremendous triumph for mankind, who was previously sentenced to a life only walking the earth. Since the inception of the airplane, there has been aircraft maintenance. However, this industry has changed dramatically throughout the years and now involves highly innovative technologies and incredibly skilled technicians in order to best maintain the incredibly complex aircraft that fly in today's skies. Maintaining an aircraft is a harmonious blend between simple and intensely complicated procedures. Many procedures even still used to day are relatively simple and have existed for generations, including the basic engine work, refueling and other servicing procedures, and other after-market manufacturing that might take place on particular planes. This is now combined with impressive and innovative technologies that are highly regulated under a wide number of international agencies. Aviation maintenance history actually begins long before the first airplane took flight. Aircraft have existed in numerous forms before the iconic airplane, and as such, aviation maintenance had to deal with aircraft like balloons. The first recorded incident where a human flew in a craft was in 1783, when Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier flew in a balloon that was powered by a burning wood fire (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, 2012). This obviously had a serious maintenance issue, as uncontrollable open flames posed serious health and engineering risks.
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