Aviation Security Essay

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Airport Security around the world is an integral part of the modern times, the global web of people traveling for fun, business, adventure, and commodities are a way of life for many. Goods that were once scarce, or not available in certain parts of the world, merely twenty years ago for the general population are now easily attainable. Businesses are known to have meetings take place in various locations worldwide for their representatives. With all this moving of people from around the world who watches out for their safety as they access the plane from the different gates at the various worldwide Airports. Security personnel are the most recognizable entity prior to passengers accessing planes. Everybody knows theses personnel,…show more content…
Most Airport security around the globe operates under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or strives to get to the prestigious certification. The reasons for the ICAO certification are to have a standard operating procedure for security to thwart the attacks, or subversive activities. Airports strive for the never having an active security program that is predictable, for example Airport Security may screen a person even though they never made the Walk through metal detector ping. There are reasons for this that were researched in Great Britain, but are useful for all Airports around the world. Mr. Ian Hutchenson head of Security at British Airports Association (BAA) stated “Almost identical methods of screening passengers at airports across the world is playing into the hands of terrorists, terrorists could predict what they would face and called for a dramatic overhaul.” (Hutchenson NEWS; Pg. 11) So by going through additional screening makes ones terminal time longer, then one must think how could this act may thwart a terrorist, drug mule, trafficker, or other contemplating anarchy. The main objective is stop the person from getting their product through this airport and onto the Plane. Mr. Hutchenson said during his speech to the ICAO United Nations conference in Geneva, Switzerland that security staffs in
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