Aviation Unit Maintenance Company History And Future

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SFC William Felde
SFC Hernandez Aviation Unit Maintenance Company History and Future in the Montana Army National Guard The Aviation Unit Maintenance Company (D Company 1-189th AVUM) has a very long and proud tradition in the Montana Army National Guard of providing safe and mission capable aircraft to the Battalion for training, state emergencies, and federal deployments. D Company has always performed maintenance operations in safe, professional and well organized manner that brought credit to the profession. D Company will be transformed in the near future with changes in the aviation maintenance structure that will
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Montana Army Aviation started in the early 1950’s with only a handful of pilots and mechanics that returned to Montana from active service that still wanted to serve their country from their home state with the Montana Army National Guard. Equipped with only a few OH-23 Raven helicopters and a small hangar, the Montana Army National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) was born. The units assigned at that time only had limited capabilities but it soon grew into an outstanding organization full of professional Soldiers willing to give their time to make sure the state and country had operational aircraft ready for any mission assigned for national or state emergencies.
Montana was reorganized into an Attack Helicopter Battalion (AHB) in 1988 with AH-1S Cobras, UH-1 Iroquois and OH-58 Kiowa Scouts. With the new Battalion, D Company was formed comprised of the Maintenance Platoon, Back Shops Platoon, Quality Control Section, Technical Supply Section and Production Control Section. Maintenance efforts of D Company were able to support the aircraft for the multiple Gunnery Ranges that they participated in. Some of the ranges that they occupied was in Yakima, WA, Hill AFB, UT and the local ranges at Limestone Hills near Townsend, MT.
Montana was reorganized again due to the loss of the Attack

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