Avid Sequence

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There were many visions for this edit, however the main objective was produce a sequence with music, Foley and dialogue that could convey the emotions of the scene which included love, heartbreak, frustration and confusion. To achieve this intended vision the editing program ‘Avid” and its tools including the audio mixer, effects pallet and key frames were used to efficiently to cohesively and smoothly edit the sequence.

While there was minimal dialogue in the sequence provided, it was crucial to the intended vision that it not only remains in the edit but also be a predominant feature. The dialogue revealed the essence of the emotions being conveyed by the two actors. To achieve this key frames were placed on the audio tracks that came with the dialogue. During the parts where there is specific dialogue, they key frames were used to make the audio louder and softer in selected areas (Jones, 2105). This was done to ensure all dialogue would not be
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A simple piece of instrumental music was chosen, as it was presumed that music with lyrics would detract from the scene as well as compete with the dialogue. The music was placed on the timeline in all parts of the edit, bar the scene in which ocean scene, where ‘Sophie’ is contemplating then rescuing the helpless boy. Music was not used in this part of the sequence to allow the audience to feel the seriousness of the situation at hand, as well as Sophie’s panic in the water. The lack of music exuded the realism of the scene that did not need to be dramatized any more. However the music that was placed in the surrounding scenes was placed on the timeline with fades used when necessary to ensure the music entered and exited seamlessly, to seem natural and cohesive with the scenes. The audio levels of the music were also adjusted throughout the edit using the audio mixer and key frames to cohesively mix with foley, dialogue and
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