Avoiding A Future Of Crippling Car Congestion

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Bill Ford, the chairman of Ford Motors, spoke at the 2012 Mobile world congress where he outlined a plan for connected cars to help avoid traffic congestion. Connected cars he explained are vehicles linked to various mobile networks and intelligent systems and capable of M2M communication (Efraim Turban, 2013). During his address in Barcelona, Ford explained to the delegates that the number of cars on the world’s roads is forecasted to grow from 1 billion now to up to 4 billion in the next few years and The proposed solution to avoid the potential problem of a global gridlock due to overcrowded road network is to create a global transportation network that utilizes communication between vehicles, transport infrastructure and individual mobile devices. The proposal is called “Blueprint for Mobility”, and Ford’s idea takes the idea of in car connectivity beyond using it just for navigation and in car entertainment. The idea is to look at vehicles on the road in a similar we look at smartphones, laptops and tablets and as pieces of a much bigger, richer network. These intelligent cars have a lot of untapped potential and could be used in the creation of an interconnected transportation system where cars are intelligent and can talk to one another as well as the infrastructure around them. This mobility solution proposes to avoid a future prospect of global gridlock, a never ending traffic jam that wastes time, energy and resources…

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