Avoiding Plagarism

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Plagiarism: Plagiarism is basically described as the decision or acts by a writer to use the exact words from the reference and present them as his or her original thought. Plagiarism usually occurs when the writer has been asked to do a research on a certain topic. In this case, after the writer has identified the best or most suitable reference that suites the question, he or she writes the exact words that the author has used in the reference or source as his original reflection, suggestion or view (Brandes, 2012). While there is nothing wrong with using other sources when doing research, the writer is considered to have plagiarized if he/she gives the answer exactly as presented in the reference rather according to his understanding and based on the reference. Plagiarism usually contributes to lower academic performances for students. This is primarily because disciplinary actions are taken on students who are found to have plagiarized. For instance, if the students are found to have plagiarized in an exam, they may be subjected to deferral or expulsion from school or their exam results may end up being cancelled. In the presented passage, the student has extremely plagiarized from the original source since there is a low percentage of original content in the presented text. The plagiarism percentage in this text has been determined by an analysis of both the original passage and presented text. According to the results of the analysis of text through the use of

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