Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The Unauthorized Practice Of Law,

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Avoiding the pitfalls of the unauthorized practice of law, also known as UPL, is one of the most important duties that all legal professionals or aspiring law students should learn and integrate into their law career, in order to maintain impeccable ethics and conduct at all times. Clear rules and regulations must be followed in regards to the unauthorized practice of law. Thus, in order to avoid the unauthorized practice of law, one must first know what it is by definition and how it pertains to their best practices and due diligence. Furthermore, the violations of one’s failure to comply with the rules and regulations for UPL, may be costly in more ways than one. Individual’s or “non-Lawyer’s” who have not graduated and earned a law…show more content…
Nevertheless, anyone pursuing a legal degree, would to themselves a great deal of justice by learning and understanding what role they are to take within the legal industry and implement the definition of UPL. If one does not steer clear of this violation, it could be a “career-ender” (Denckla) The role a paralegal has in a law firm is a vital. These professionals are highly valued for the abilities they contribute in the area of knowing the law, legal research and how it applies to a client’s case. Furthermore, paralegals also as assist their Attorneys on a variety of tasks pertaining to a law related matters. Regardless, no matter how knowledgeable the paralegal may be; they are always required to work under the direct supervision of an attorney. There are very little exceptions for paralegals to work in the law field, unsupervised. Even in these exceptions, It is still possible for a professional paralegal, under the supervision of an attorney or not, to still commit UPL (California Legislative Information Business and Professions Code). Regardless if a paralegal knows the answer to a client’s legal question, they must never give that client any advice or direction for applying case law recommendations and remedies to the client’s legal question. Furthermore, when a paralegal is working in a law firm and they come into contact with a client, whether it be interviewing
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