Avoiding Wastefulness Rather than Recycling: Personal Opinion Essay

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One day, while I was sitting in the park and enjoying the view, I pondered life. The garbage littering the ground had overtaken not only the park, but entire cities. A soda can next to my foot, a hot dog wrapper floating through the air, and a newspaper article lying next to the garbage bin. That struck me the most humorous of all. For, at a closer glance, it was an opinion article based upon this very issue - wastefulness. My friends and I read this article once, also. We were sitting in a cafe, half- finished bagels sitting in front of us, discussing how terrible society has become. While talking on this matter, the solution dawned upon me. Waste until there exists nothing to waste. At home, I was searching for a pen, but every single one in my cluttered drawer was dry. Then, while looking for a piece of paper to write down my ideas, I struggled to find a blank scrap to write on. That’s when the idea fully hit me. I simply need to gather enough of all items so as to never have the issue again. Also, with this method, everyone would use up items until wastefulness could no longer be an option. In today’s society, it would not take long. In addition, many people are already doing this to some degree. Now, one may be curious as to how this would solve this conflict. Do not worry, though, I have thought this out intensively and plan to reveal it all so as to bring this issue to a close. With new technology, the disposal of was has become fairly routine. It moves from a

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