Avon Barksdale Case

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In this episode of The Wire the police unit is getting closer to having the evidence they need to tie Avon Barksdale to multiple murder cases. Major Rawls and McNulty argue about the case. Major Rawls wants to get arrest warrants and charge people with murder. McNulty says this will ruin the whole case and that will be the end of all the work they put into finding Avon Barksdale. Lt. Daniels persuades Major Rawls to let them continue working on the case. Chapter five of Social Inequality Forms, Causes and Consequences is about political inequality. Gender, race and class all play a told in inequality in the work place. Based on gender, race or class people may be higher in power or lower in power just based off your appearance. People in higher positions can overrule people in a lower position and can abuse the amount of power they have. In The Wire Major Rawls and Sargent Landsman are more powerful then McNulty and Bunk. McNulty and Major Rawls have conflict in the episode regarding what to do with the Avon Barksdale case. Major Rawls wants to issue arrest warrants on some of Avon Barksdale’s people. McNulty argues with Major Rawls about how this will ruin the case they have been working on. Major Rawls has a higher position in the department then McNulty. Hurst states, “sometimes power is based on one’s formal position in an organization”(Hurst 109). Major Rawls power comes from his position in the police department. He gets to dictate what happens in his police unit. Detective Bunk follows orders from Sargent Landsman and never talks back because his Sargent has higher political authority then he does. Gender also plays a role in…show more content…
People in high political positions are the people who get to decide what happens and are looked at as more important then people in lower political positions. Gender, race and class are three major factors that contribute to political inequality in the work
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