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Q1) Who is Avon's target market? How can it be segmented? Avon’s target market is the mass market of roughly 25 million woman aged 25-50 with average to below-average household income. Avon is targeting women who are also not internet savvy or women who want a personal/friendly connection for their purchase or need advice on purchasing beauty products in person and aren’t comfortable getting this advice in a public setting or the internet. These women prefer to meet someone in person who would take their order, give beauty tips in their own home and delivery the beauty products. There are a couple of ways that Avon segments the larger market of women. One segmentation is based on the products they buy (Fragrance, Lipsticks),…show more content…
Also, most of the target customers may not have access to Internet or may not be computer literate. So Avon should not sell direct to consumer 3) What does "selling" mean in this situation? Can the Web do this for Avon? “Selling” is giving the customer one-on-one attention and advice to each and every customer who is a neighbor, friend, or a colleague. So “selling” means the personal connection that sales representatives have with their customers. Often, the customers initially buy from the sales representatives because of this friendly connection and then continue to buy because of the product quality that they receive from their friend. Therefore, the Web cannot do this for Avon because that personal connection does not exist in order to make the sale. However, the Web could facilitate the sales process and the customer retention process providing the one-on-one attention, advice, and question answering a salesperson could do 4) What potential channel conflicts exist here? How might Avon avoid them? Selling direct to customer on the internet means the customer does not buy anymore through the sales representative. So effectively these two channels could end up competing for the same customers. Another potential channel conflict is Avon’s B2C and B2B channels. With the Web, these two could become blurred into the same depending on how it is set up. One possible way to avoid these channel

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