Avon Products, Inc.

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Company Description and Industry:

Countless people may have heard of the multinational company entitled Avon Products, Inc., (hereafter, Avon) whose headquarters is in the process of relocating from New York City to the Unite Kingdom. According to Yahoo Financials, as of December 31, 2015, Avon’s worldwide workforce engages approximately 30,900 employees with revenues of 6.16 Billion U.S. Dollars. The company operates in the consumer goods sector and personal product industry. This company was chosen for this market analysis in part due to it trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: AVP), in addition to undergoing attrition of 2,500 careers and a vast array of financial information readily available to the general public. Avon is an American firm offering skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, fashion and home, personal care and hair care merchandises for over than 130 years.
Despite technological advancements in internet sales, Avon relays heavily on sales representatives for in-person retailing. Internet sales directed to consumers will not fulfill the necessities of the company’s target clients. In the past seven years, the company has failed to increase profit by selling via direct mailing, in part because the orders will be too small to meet the company’s profit margins.

Target Market
Avon’s primary target market encompasses females aged 25 - 50 with average to below average household income. These women favor a personal or friendly association for their purchase or…
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