Avon (Sm) - Week 6 . Did Jung’S Strategy Fit The Situation?

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Avon (SM) - Week 6 Did Jung’s strategy fit the situation? Why or why not? Does McCoy’s strategy fit the current situation? Explain your answer. What suggestions can be derived from the analysis to enhance McCoy’s strategic plans? Jung的战略是否适合这种情况? 为什么或者为什么不? 麦考伊的战略是否符合当前的情况? 解释你的答案。 从分析中可以得出什么建议来增强McCoy的战略计划? Discuss Avon’s decision to retain Jung as the chairman of the board. Do you believe this is a good decision? What is the potential downside of keeping the former CEO in this leadership role? 讨论雅芳决定保留荣格董事会主席。 你相信这是一个很好的决定吗? 保持前首席执行官在这个领导角色的潜在缺点是什么? According to the whole case, we can see, strategies of McCoy and Jung are similar, but there are some specific differences. For Jung’s strategies, she just have a few are fit the…show more content…
In addition, her strategy also makes Avon in a state of competition with other mass-market companies, but Avon did not have that capacity. For Jung, her high-end products line should be fit the situation, but in fact, in the specific implementation process, the strategy’s effect is discounted too much because they spend more money and time on the product and new marketing, but ignore their main customers-women. For McCoy’s strategy, I think it dose fit the situation, because her strategy is aimed at some mistake of previous strategy. She continue to take high-end strategy, but not so premium. She lays stress on the point about how to gain customers. Also, she make Avon’s core strategy return to push market strategy and reintroduce direct sales style. Now, McCoy’s attitude is to beat other competitions, which also are direct seller. Moreover, she also thinks Avon should be to re-train and empower the existing sales representatives, base on Avon’s successful 125-year sales experience. According to above analysis, I can give a few suggestions to improve MoCoy’s strategic plans. First, McCoy should put the target market on United Stated, but simultaneously ensure their strategies are ethnocentrism because over eighty percent of Avon’s sales in an international market. Secondly, McCoy turned to the development of Avon’s sales representative, because if a company’s selling is

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