Avon's Marketing Strategy in International Markets Essay

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Avon's Marketing Strategy in International Markets

1/ Which actors in Avon's microenvironment and forces in the macro environment have been important in shaping its marketing strategies?

We can explain what is exactly microenvironment and macro environment.

Micro-environment is the factors in a firm's immediate environment which affect its performance and decision-making; these elements include the firm's suppliers, competitors, marketing intermediaries, customers and publics.

Macro-environment is the major uncontrollable, external forces (economic, demographic, technological, natural, social and cultural, legal and political) which influence a firm's decision making and have an impact upon its performance. Macroenvironment
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The macro environment is direct selling. Avon bypassed the battle for retail space and attention waged by its competitors in department stores, and later in discount drug stores and supermarkets. Direct selling also offered convenience for the customer, coupled with personal beauty-care advice from a friend.

Other microenvironment force during the 1970s and 1980s arrived when the environment changed; more women needed to work out of the home. When Avon ladies rang the doorbell, often no one answered. Many Avon ladies needed more than part-time jobs, and Avon's annual sales force turnover rates soared to more than 200 percent. Third, because of high sales force turnover; many Avon customers wanting to see a salesperson could not find one

2/ What micro environmental and macro environmental factors should Avon and Mattel consider
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