Avro Arrow Research Paper

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The Avro Arrow

Canada’s reputation for developing good products wasn’t too great even to this day. Most products bought were from the big industries namely from Germany, The United States, China and Japan. But the Avro Arrow was a possible step into joining the big industrial countries. This wouldn’t have been made possible if the plan and design wasn’t created by a genius in engineering part of Alliot Verdon Roe’s enormous company. Also, it would’ve been extremely useful for NORAD to defend North America from Soviet bombers in the Cold War by serving as their main aircraft. Finally, all of this potential success went down the drain with the decision of John Diefenbaker. It is because of these three reasons that this essay will argue that
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Roe (or Avro), which was a very well-known aircraft producing company. First, A.V. Roe was a British company, making a branch in Canada known as A.V. Roe Canada in 1945. Within only thirteen years, A.V. Roe Canada became the 3rd biggest company in Canada hiring over fifty thousand Canadians. Secondly, a British man working in A.V Roe Canada by the name of James C Floyd was the aerospace engineer working as the chief design engineer. James, for his entire work life, designed planes. He has designed biplanes, jet aircraft, and even spacecraft. Although he has designed so many aircrafts, he is most renowned for designing the Avro Arrow in 1953. After 4 long years of production, the Avro Arrow was finally completed. Finally, the rollout of the Avro Arrow gave excitement to everyone in Canada. People from all around the country came to see its first rollout in October 1957. To keep up the company’s popularity, new projects were started like the Avro Car, the Avro Jetliner. The Avro Car in particular caught the attention of many people because it was a hovering saucer shaped “aircraft” that looked very futuristic. But with all these new projects, government funding couldn't keep up. This was a big problem that could hurt A.V. Roe Canada very badly by significantly reducing the number of projects it would work on. This led to fourteen thousand employees being laid off. To conclude, A.V. Roe Canada was a huge company with many amazing people working for it. Without a doubt the most important person in the company was James C Floyd because he created what the company was best known for and caused excitement that lasted for years in

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