Awakening Into A World Of Foul Beasts

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Awakening into a world of foul beasts that hide in every corner is no easy thing for a beginner Hunter. Don’t worry, clearing the City of Yarnham in Bloodborne will be an easy thing to do once you know where to go, how to get the checkpoints and how to defeat the bosses in Yarhnam. As soon as the game starts, you’re forced to create a contract that allows you to customize your own character to fight against the bloodthirsty beasts of this world. There are different classes of warriors in these options, but the most powerful to start with is the “troubled past” class; giving you a boost in strength and agility in the game. Once the contract is set, head down the stairs of the clinic to find a lycanthrope. I know it’s tempting, but don’t do anything, let the beast kill you. Once this happens you’ll awaken in a place called Hunter’s Dream. In this place, find the messengers on the floor and choose whatever weapons fit you best. Head back to Yosefka’s Clinic through the tombstones and defeat the lycanthrope. With your new weapons, head out to explore Yarnham. Turn right, go up the street and slay whatever monster is in your way to acquire blood echoe. Blood echoes are the currency you will use to better your character, making him stronger to defeat bigger beasts and improve your other stats. Keep going until you find the ritual circle in the main city. Don’t worry about missing it, you won’t. Take out the enemies on higher ground before charging in to deal with the beasts

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