Awareness And Support For Disabled Individuals

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). As mentioned earlier in the paper, there are still communities that are lacking of exposure of disabilities and active movement of sport participation, and that group of people will categorize disabled sport events as a “freak show”. As recreation and parks members we need to raise an awareness and support for disabled population who is participating in sports. Based on previous literature there are many support for physical activity and overall well-being positive impact. As leaders in our field our next step should be educate the population as much as possible about different programs whose focus is to help disabled individuals, and expose general population with disabled participants. I believe that if general community would have a chance to interact and participate in sports with disabled individuals, it would decrease the level of judgement.
Authors emphasized differences in attitudes towards the Paralympic movement which are often ambiguous. On the other hand people admire the will-power and the prowess of Paralympians and consider them as heroic in overcoming the difficulties; however, they feel pity for these sportsmen and women. While Olympic Games promoting the survival of the fittest, the Paralympic Games have evolved in a space of liminality lodge and a charity event, and always fallowing in second position of sport. It raises another issue that disabled population who already is fighting to survive and accept their “new-self” which is physically limited,
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