Awareness Of Mental Illnesses And Treatment Options Essay

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Awareness of Mental Illness in My Community Awareness of mental illnesses and treatment options are an ongoing issue in America. This problem isn’t one that can be simply solved overnight. But starting from the community level, people have the power to make a difference. A difference that could benefit people who are suffering with a mental illness and don’t have the opportunities to seek help and treatment. In my community, I have found three mental health services. They consist of Eyerly Ball, Alliance, and Mercy. Eyerly Ball is a nonprofit, community-based organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The services they offer are; community outreach services, outpatient services, and residential services. The community outreach services consist of nine different sections. The categories I will emphasize the most is one through five. The first being Forensic Assertive Community Treatment, this treatment helps individuals in the criminal justice system who suffer with a serious mental illness. This treatments goal is to help those individuals be successful in the community without entering jail, prison, or unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations.
Second, Eyerly Ball offers Integrated Health Home. The IHH is a team-based health care delivery model. It consists of a nurse care coordinator, care coordinator, and a peer support specialist. Each participant is assigned a team who actively assess the participant 's mental and physical status. With doing this, they
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