Awareness on the Effects of Malnutrition

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A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY ON THE EFFECTS OF MAKING THE PUPILS OF AMBUNAO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGING 6-11 YEARS OLD NUTRITION CONSCIOUS IN RELATION TO MALNUTRITION: TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH STATUS OF THE CHILDREN ================== A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of The College of Nursing Philippine College of Science and Technology Calasiao, Pangasinan ================== In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements in Nursing Research Second Semester 2011 By: CARMELA J. FLORES A descriptive study on the effects of making the PUPILS of Ambunao Elementary School aging 6-11 years old nutrition conscious in relation to malnutrition : To improve the health status of the pupils. I. INTRODUCTION Rationale The primary purpose of making the…show more content…
If they’re not in the hospital, they’re not doing too well” According to Mary Alice Caliendo(1984:526)” Malnutrition and nutritional deprivation are basically problems of poverty of unequal and inequitable income distribution not only among individuals but among countries. Malnutrition won’t disappear by simply producing more food or by raising the overall economic levels of poor nations. According to Eleanor R. Williams(1984:513) “Human brains do not live by bread alone” Malnutrition causes children to become listless and pathetic. According to Thomas Polemar, an agricultural economist(1984:515) “The number of people estimated to be suffering from malnutrition ranges from 400 million to two thirds of the world population”. In his view, food production in developing countries tends to be understand because taxation is often based on production and because so much backyard production is locally consumed and never counted. On the other hand, other authorities insist that much hunger especially in remote rural areas is inadequately reported. Larry Minear of the Interreligious Task Force on United States Policy told an interviewer recently that, “Malnutrition is understated because there a lot of people who don’t show up in the planning nets either because the census are bad or because they are not in the market economy and their inability to purchase food isn’t

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