Away by Michael Gow Character Analysis Essay

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Meet the Character Tom: Tom is a very talented actor with the potential to go far with his acting. “You’ll be our next Chips Rafferty eh, son”. He and his family moved to Australia from England 8 years ago and there not the wealthiest family but there certainly the happiest family. His acting and certainly his family are important to him. Tom is quite defensive, and criticism towards his family concerns him and doesn’t make him happy. Tom has a great relationship with his parents as he gets on great with them, he gets on well with Meg but he cares for her more than he lets on. “It’s from the bottom of my heart, actually” Tom doesn’t really get along with Megs mum Gwen. She’s quite rude towards Tom and his family and that makes Tom really…show more content…
Proud mums and dads?” He’s married to his wife Coral who is a very mysterious woman who is quite withdrawn but Roy sticks by her like a loyal husband. His job and his wife seem to be very important to him. “Oh yes, yes. It has been a successful evening”. His main challenge or concern is his wife who is still grieving over the loss of what we assume is her son. Although he sometimes struggles with his wife he still cares about her and her feelings. “I thought I told you to get it the car”. He seems to get along well with pretty much everyone and everyone gets along well with him. Turning Points Tom: Toms turning in the script is when he is talking with Meg on the beach; he is open to her about his terminal condition. Tom is very sick and cannot survive. When Tom finally tells Meg about his condition it brings him to tears ‘Why are you crying?’ showing Tom’s emotional side and that he is actually scared of what is happening to him and that fact that he doesn’t have much longer to live. Harry: Harry’s turning point in the script is when he is talking to Jim on the beach, Harry opens up to Jim about their life in England after the war and about his son terminal condition. Harry and his family left England for Australia after the living conditions, rationing and destruction after the war. Every day Harry keeps the burden of his son dying and the secret of this away from his son. We see that Harry struggles every day from these problems and that he looks

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