Away from Her- Evaluative Essay

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Alzheimer’s - A Progressive, Degenerative Disorder Alzheimers- A Progressive, Degenerative Disorder Imagine a wife and husband being married for 44 years and having one of them not remember who the other is, or their past life together. The film Away From Her (Egoyan, et al., 2006) shows viewers how the disease can greatly impact your life, and how quickly it can form. The film was based off of a short story “The Bear Came over the Mountain” by Alice Munro (Munro, 2013). In both works, the author and the director portray a significant struggle between a husband and wife dealing with Alzheimer’s. Summary of Story In the short story “The Bear Came over the Mountain” (Munro, 2013) and the film Away From Her (Egoyan, et al., 2006),…show more content…
But I can look again” (Egoyan, et al., 2006). This quotation is meant to portray Fiona in a light manner and show how much her brain is starting to deteriorate, and that she is aware of it. The setting is the same in both works; Fiona’s parents cottage in the hills of Canada, snow on the ground, and a very serene view. The film (Egoyan, et al., 2006) goes through several states of emotional stress between the couple. First being denial. Grant is in denial for most of the film. He does not want to believe that his wife is slowly leaving him emotionally. It also hurts him that she cannot remember much about their marriage but can remember the infidelity. He then begins to feel some guilt because he finally realizes how much he had hurt Fiona during his time of infidelity. In the short story (Munro, 2013) it tells you about Grants infidelity, however in the film (Egoyan, et al., 2006) the director just eludes to the fact that there was infidelity in the marriage. Fiona, however, does not seem to go through much denial saying, “Don’t worry darling, I expect I’m just losing my mind” (Egoyan, et al., 2006) Climax The climax in the both the story(Munro, 2013) and the film (Egoyan, et al., 2006) is when Grant comes back to Meadowlake after the thirty days and finds Fiona has forgotten all about him and has taken up with Aubrey. Fiona cares for Aubrey as a child but
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