Axel Springer Ag V. Germany Case

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Axel Springer Ag v. Germany case In Axel Springer Ag v. Germany case, the European Court of Human Rights stated that the prohibition put by the domestic court on the owner of a newspaper ‘Bild’ who wanted to publish materials about the arrest and proof of guilt of a well-known actor violated Article 10 of the ECHR. The court, in this case, had to find a balance between two fundamental human rights - the right to private life against the right to freedom of expression. On the 29 September 2004 on the first page the applicant company, the Bild, published the following headline in a large font “Cocaine! Superintendent Y caught at the Munich beer festival”, ‘Oktoberfest’. The article gave the details of the arrest and what happened to cause it. This article also revealed the history of actor’s history of possession and usage of drugs and three photos of the actor. There was another article released by the Bild on 7th of July 2005 its heading was “TV series Superintendent X confesses in court to having taken cocaine. He is fined 18,000 euros!”. This article compared actor’s performance in the TV series where he helped to capture the ‘bad guys’ and how in reality he confessed smoking marijuana and using cocaine. However, the court took into account that the actor fully confessed and only fined him. It was also accompanied by a photo of X. On 11th of November 2005 the Hamburg district court prohibited, under threat of penalty, the subsequent publication of nearly all of the first

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