Ayano Aishi Effect

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The concept of love is a complex creature to dive into. From the dictionary to the definition produced by individuals, mainstream media, or society, love can come in many forms. Some of forms can be familial, romantic, friendly, or general love for a subject such as games, reading, etc. Over all, love is diverse in the purest form, though there is a question of what would happen if love becomes a different shape. Another shape to where it can drive people into mad obsession, abusive control, or have the effect of the onslaught of polluting the idea of what love is from a young age. From the negative extreme, love can change individuals to become the vilest creatures, often romanticized in modern society, to take it upon themselves to spill blood of living beings. In such a case, love can in fact create killers.
The most relevant image of a love-sick killer is the main character, Ayano Aishi, or better known as Yandere-chan or Yan-chan, in the popular indie video game Yandere Simulator. Though, there is a twist to Ayano, throughout
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Either for a way to escape or a way to maintain control, deaths do occur in these types of toxic love. In the article, “At Least A Third Of All Women Murdered In The U.S. Are Killed By Male Partners”, written by the Huffington Post, it states that, “homicide victims in the U.S. are killed by male intimate partners — husbands and ex-husbands, boyfriends and estranged lovers. While both men and women experience domestic violence” (Scheller ). In abusive relationships, it can range from either, verbal, physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. As stated, both genders fall victim to domestic violence. Though, majority of the time females are the victims to the abuse. While the abuser maintains their power over the victim, they will transform the definition of love to the
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