Ayn Rand's Only The Dead Know

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Only The Dead Know

He is not dead, he is not alive. The wind blows, but he does not feel. People help him, but he does not respond. His soul is crying, trying to get out, but really it cannot. It has been months suffering from misery, thus cannot help himself or scream. It is a place where even the sane lose their sanity. Locked in his own thoughts, trying to find hope, but the only hope is to drown and forget. He is losing time,aging fast. Life is unfair to him it is not his fault, he only tried to save his loved one. Lost his body, but saved his wife. His wife is forlorn, she is in pain, but will never know that his agony is much more painful than hers. They think the only one stuck in life is the screaming soul, but
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