Ayn Rand's The Jungle

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The Jungle tells of how a married couple, Jurgis and Ona, moved on from terrible struggles such as horrible work conditions, poverty, and the lack of food in the corrupt city of Chicago. Jurgis and Ona moved to Chicago because they were poor in Lithuania and Ona’s brother, Jonas, tells the couple about how he has a friend in the U.S. who struck rich. Jurgis and Ona take their chances and move to the United States for a better life.
Actually, I highly doubt about how someone who would be rich in a different country. A person could have his or her chances of fortune would have been extremely low for a chance to become rich at all. I am more than sure that most people would be skeptical about hearing a story about how someone managed to strike
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Jurgis was a stubborn man and yet, grateful for having a job to earn a living. The family found a house that was titled “new,” as a matter of fact, the house was not at all new. The family found jobs to make payments on the house; Marija has a job painting cans of food, Jonas gets a meat-packing position, and Antanas has a job pickling meat. They soon found out if they miss a payment, they will be evicted from the house and there are unexpected interest payments to pop up every month.
If I was in this situation, I am honestly be a goner, I’ve listened to stories who have gone through a lot of debt and escape barely to continue with their lives. I would be infuriated and stressed constantly to keep a roof over my head.
The family has suffered the life-changing moments such as Antanas’ death from lung problem and Ona has a baby which they named after Antanas. This led to losing Antanas’ and Ona’s paycheck being taken away. Ona immediately returns to work which leads to damaging her health. The summer time finally brought hope since Marija found a job trimming beef, until Jurgis, the family’s biggest earner, was injured for two months. The family had to send two more of Teta’s sons and Teta, herself, to
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I’ve seen movies about how a homeless person starts out as an average worker that was financially ruined due to false accusations; that worker’s biggest worry was about how he would find food. The Jungle tells me of how someone’s luck can be beyond the worst of anything that has suffered.
Jurgis suffered throughout his lifetime, he would be drunk and he lost the job at the meat factory. Jurgis and the rest of the family found jobs, but, it didn’t lead for the best. Jurgis came back to the tenement to find all the women crying and to find his son, Antanas, who drowned in a puddle. Jurgis fled to become a hobo during the summer and was able to get a job at a farm. He blew his money on alcohol and prostitutes; Jurgis stopped thinking about his future or his family. Jurgis became a bitter man and a criminal because if society got any worse for him, he would get payback.
I understand about why Jurgis would plan on getting revenge; the man has suffered and lost so much in very little time. Jurgis began as a hardworking man into a completely different person that became a criminal. The movies and books I read about villains’ backstories involve about getting revenge against someone who did them wrong. The villains’ would have different reasons, they were viewed evil for their actions because they only attempted them for justice, grief, anger, revenge, or
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