Ayn Rand's Ulysses Alternate Ending

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As Ulysses eased to consciousness, he heard a soothing voice humming a short distance away. There was familiarity with the smell of the salty sea and the taste of its gentle mist, but these sensations were not of Ithaca. He was comfortable where he rested, but the silkiness of the blankets did not belong to him. Ulysses opened his eyes, the sun a small glimpse in the east. He rose with a jolt, as he was not able to see the sun from his chambers in Ithaca. He panically looked around himself, trying to make sense of where he was. A motion to his right had him standing quickly, readying himself to fight. As his fists clenched, his eyes met with the woman who rose. “Calypso!” Ulysses whispered, surprised. Calypso gracefully strode toward him. Her
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