Ayola University Personal Statement

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Through my days of adolescences and adulthood I not only gained physically but also mentally, through my experiences of going through my own cultural background I also got to view and experience many others cultures. These countless experiences gave the opportunity to appreciate others, this than lead me to the pursuing of my career field of psychology, psychology gives me the gateway to serve others. My min career objective is to seek in making a difference in people’s lives, by meeting human’s needs and expectations through an interdisciplinary knowledge based full on prevention of problems and maintaining an improvement of overall lifestyle. My interests as I pursue towards higher learning is to put myself at a better position to work with many diverse individuals that may have different circumstances that they are dealing with. I would want to share all the knowledge I have learned throughout my years of school and studying and…show more content…
In the diversity statement of Loyola university there was a segment that motivated me, it states “American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association, the Psychology Department recognizes the inherent value and dignity of each person and actively promotes an awareness of, sensitivity to, and representation of diversity, including, but not limited to, differences of age, sex, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national and regional origin, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality, disabilities, and socioeconomic status among students, faculty, administrators, and staff”. Loyola University overlooks many aspects of a human being that can be judged greatly, but further look to the positivity and empathy for each human being that is need of help. I would be more than grateful if Loyola University gives me the opportunity to prove myself in pursuing the field of mental
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