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Foundations of Marketing Azalea Project 1. What do you see as Azalea’s most pressing marketing problem? Does it lie in their product, price, place, or promotion or some combination of 2 or more of these? Be specific in your answer. The most pressing marketing problems are: • Commitment to the overall goals allowing the appropriate marketing strategy to be devised and implemented. • Location and facility- Does not promote confidence in the ability for Azalea to be able to deliver on promises • Corporate image- small company competing with large corporation • Ability to contract with national suppliers Azalea’s marketing problem does not lie with their product. The product is solid and people love it once they get it. The…show more content…
• Price- The price may need to be increased to support the expansion in to a new facility. I would recommend only an increase large enough to transition into the facility and then hold the price steady again until the effect of the price increase is evaluated. Once the full impact is understood, perhaps put an incremental increase in place with cost living increases. The goal is to make more profit by increasing volume as opposed to keeping the same volume and increasing price. • Promotion-Once the new facility was in place- a promotion targeted at the food serviced brokers and the restaurant chains (like Pub 99) outlining the detail of how Azalea has increased their capacity and automated their process with the most up to date sanitary precautions emphasizing they are USDA certified. As the expansion ability lies with these entities the promotion would be aimed at them. The consumer purchasing the product already knows how good the product is, so it is less about the new product being promoted and more about the expansion of the existing product and Azalea’s ability to meet the demand. Face to face selling to the executives of the food service brokers and restaurant chains will be essential in the success of the plan. In addition, they will need to balance the loyalty of the high end resteraunteur that demands individual attention. The potential problems with this plan are: Azalea is a known entity. They may have a reputation of being a

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