Azande from an Azande Viewpoint

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The Azande from an inside perspective: Editor’s notes: Azande culture is surprising simple in structure, or at first glance from a western perspective, it appears to be simple. This culture is very different from what Americans or even Westerners experience on a day-to-day basis. The Azande culture is hierarchal and patriarchal, and has many actions, beliefs, and superstitions that have manifested themselves out of centuries of attempts to justify natural occurrences with a logical, understandable, and believable explanation. What follows are Azande observations concerning American society. American culture has many beliefs and activities that are completely without reason. They torture their male babies when they are born by…show more content…
They dance to the sound of the drums and sing topical songs more often than not rather obscene” ( Some of the American society lives on farms raising crops and animals for food, but most food is purchased at a centralized location, and clearly not grown by most of the citizens consuming it. Adultery seems to be a problem in America, as there is much attention given to it in the writings and publications of the society. But it appears that nothing much is done about it, so it must be pretty much accepted, and even when it concerns the wives of one of the American chiefs there is usually not much rancor about it. In Azande, we handle such things more correctly, the offending male may very well live the remainder of his life without sexual organ, hands, or lips if found committing adultery with the wife of one of our chiefs. Americans claim not to believe in witchcraft, but their literature is replete with references to voodoo, bad luck, hanging horse shoes and rabbits foots for good luck, and other claims which show they clearly believe that misfortune can be prevented and is usually caused by someone else’s actions or wishes. When misfortune does occur and someone dies, no attention is paid to what animal they may be re-incarnated into, males are not buried facing the East, and females are no buried facing the West. It is beyond belief of how can such an advanced
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