Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance

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“I met this guy online.”

This seems to be the common line that sparks an in depth conversation these days. As technology is evolving, people have become hooked to scrolling through pages and pages of social media on a tiny screen. With the increasing availability to connect with others through apps, the dating world has drastically changed throughout the years. This topic of love and relationships in the current day and age is discussed and analysed in Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance. With the help of NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg, Ansari explains how not only our perspectives and expectations of love have changed, but also how the online dating world has evolved to become part of modern society. He expresses his own thoughts and opinions about romance and talks through his dating experiences, resulting in an insightful and amusing read.


Ansari investigates the sensitive subject of romance and presents his findings with a very light and humorous tone. Throughout the book he incorporates numerous personal comments and anecdotes associated with the topics, which reminds
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But not for Amy Webb. In her TED Talk she describes her experience with online dating and how she eventually “hacked” the system. She discusses her struggle of finding her perfect man after having a bad break up, which leads to her discovery of online dating. Being very analytical, she decides to obtain data and eventually figures out an algorithm for the site and in a way “hacks the system”. Through her findings she talks about similar processes, like starting conversations with potential dates and the thought process that goes into reviewing other people's profiles, as mentioned in the book. Her talk gives more insight and is a real life example of the process of an internet relationship, which helps put the situations outlined in the book in more realistic
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