Aziza Makhmudova and Uzbekistan

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Aziza Makhmudova was born in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, on March 31, 1991. She grew up with her paternal grandmother, parents, and elder brother and sister. “I live with them all because we cannot leave before marriage. If I get married, [then] I leave home. It’s so weird when I heard that American families, if you are eighteen or twenty you can leave, they leave their home . . . No, we always live together.” Both of her parents spent most of their days working to support the family and so her grandmother was the one who mainly raised her. “I almost never saw my parents. They were always at work. They left early and came back late . . . What I remember from my childhood, I was always with my grandmother. She is like my parent. If I have a problem, I always say, ‘Grandmother! I need your help, I need your advice.’” Aziza’s early years were carefree and happy. She went to school and played with her friends and classmates. “I was an energetic child but when I was in my fifth grade at my elementary school, my mom had a car accident. I did not know anything because after six months or more, then they told me that my mom had an accident. I did not know; I did not see my mom for six months. They hid it from me.” Cotton is the main cash crop of Uzbekistan and its production is very important to the economy. Harvest season takes place in September and October. Over one million public servants and employees of private businesses are forced to pick cotton during harvesting

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