Aztec Clothes Essay

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The rich people had nice clothes that had decorations and feathers on their clothes. They also had houses made out of sun dried bricks and maybe even stone. On the other hand the poor people were always working and would not be able to wear My designed clothes. they had to wear plain clothes.The poor people also had to farm for the rich people and could not farm food for themselves. The Aztec People also had laws and is they were broken the would be killed.and all people had to follow the laws even little kids. Every kid has to go to school. even the rich, poor, boy or girl. They all ended up having to be a farmer, fisherman, and hunter. But some were trained to be a, doctor, priest, merchant, trader, craftsmen, a ball player, engineer, builder, matchmaker, and a soldier. The soldiers almost always fought, and they are highly trained. For the traders all the other tribes are to scared to rob or beat up the traders. Because the aztec are scary to them. The traders brought back cocoa beans, jaguar skins, metals, and jewelry. Merchants also specialized. A merchant might only sell jewelry or only baskets. There were almost no robberies because Aztec gods will punish anyone that breaks the law.The gods aren't very nice about their punishments. Their is over 60,000 people in the marketplace buying and selling. no one ever uses money.…show more content…
About 300,000 people live in Tenochtitlan, they have ornate temples and open plazas. They also have open plazas and a lot of little shops. each decorated and full of supplies. There are restaurants, and places you could grab food and a drink. There is also fresh food and meat for sale. there is hairdressers, medicine shops, basket shops, herbs and embroidered clothing. people say that “The city was alive with people and color and culture”. And there is artist sculpting and painting all over the marketplace. It seems really creative and
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