Aztec Temple Essay

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In the New York Times’ article “An Aztec Temple Emerges in Heart of Mexico City,” the author delineates the recent discovery of a major temple from the Aztec cultural group in downtown Mexico city (Reuters, 2017). Said Aztec Temple was built during the 1486-1502 reign of the eighth Aztec ruler, emperor Ahuizotl (Tovar, 1585). Not only were the remains of a major Aztec temple found in this part of Mexico City, but there were also thirty-two severed male neck vertebrae, which are suspected to be linked with a sacrificial activity and a ceremonial ball court (Karasavvas, 2017). This site isn’t unfamiliar to such discovery though. As the article fleshed out, the Mexico City site neighbors the Templo Mayor, another Aztec ruin. Said history of the region made the alike findings of burials an unsurprising discovery for an Aztec ruins sites, as the Templo Mayor site featured the skeleton of a young woman.
Comparatively, the article has some faults. Although the work was well written, it was in a memo style in order to cater to the public in the most efficient and effective way possible, leaving some information out in the process. Due to said writing style, the
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While reporting the news to the public incites interest and skepticism, it isn’t communicated in the best way possible, which may lead to some confusion. We now know that Mexico city has a preexisting Aztec temple, but without further research, we wouldn’t be able to relate the article to the grand scheme of archaeological and historical research. If popular news sites went more in-depth about the contextual and attributable facets of archeological research, archaeologically could be conveyed more accurately and adequately in modern media. Until then though, the public media sector loses a lot of the significance to their articles, as the context of said sights is vital to appreciating a discoveries
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