Aztec Traditions And Beliefs Essay

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1.Aztecs believed in sacrificing humans. They believed that if they did not provide enough blood to the gods, the world would end. It is said that the gods when the world was being created that they cut parts of themselves in order to nourish the earth. Aztecs believed that because of their loss of blood they needed to be regiven it through sacrifices dedicated to them. They would sacrifice people every 20 days, which was an Aztec month. Aztecs thought everything is tonacayotl(spiritual flesh hood), which means everything in this world was created from the gods blood, limbs, and fingers. They would perform different sacrifices for different gods. For instance, the god Tezcatlipoca would have a young impersonator sacrificed to him in the month of Toxcatl, this impersonation was given food, women, and was treated like a celebrity. On the day he was killed he would run in the town playing the flute, then he would climb the temple and let the priests sacrifice him.

2. Your afterlife would be determined by your social role and how you died. People who perished to
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Aztec culture and religion valued education and fair lives. Aztec culture is one of the few societies that had compulsory education, regardless of gender or class. Nobles(also known as pilli) and common people(macehualli) both received education, however noble children went to calmecac to become high ranking citizens like priests, doctors, and leaders. Macehualli went to telpochcalli which was regular school with more military like aspects. Boys received a more broad education, so they were the ones who mostly did jobs that you and I think of when we think of jobs. Girls mostly were taught home skills such as cooking and home management. Everyday life for the common people was rather poor, and they lived in adobe homes, made of mud bricks. There generally would be two rooms. 1 room for cooking, sleeping, and worshiping, and the other room would be there for bathing. Aztecs heavily valued
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