Aztec 's And The Aztec Civilization

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The Aztec’s are the only one to blame with the fall of their beloved empire. The Aztec’s were hunting and capturing everyone who was not a part of their tribe and using them as a religious ritual for human sacrifice. The Aztec’s got wiped out because they turned everyone against them, and war was bound to happen with the way they treated other tribes. The human slaughter and barbaric killings they were doing was creating hatred towards the Aztec’s. It was no surprise that they made plenty of enemies and their enemies made allies with the Spanish to help Hernan Cortes take out the Aztec. The Aztec’s human sacrifice was a brutal bloodshed. (Pennock 277) The Aztec civilization was a solid and powerful foundation. The Aztec’s dominated northern Mexico during the 16th century, during that time was also the Spanish conquest with Hernan Cortes. The Aztec’s were bodacious warriors. The Aztec’s had a well organized agricultural economy even the Spaniards were impressed and could not wait to take over Mexico. The Spanish knew this could not happen right away with the Aztec being a great civilization and fearless in the battle field. (“The Aztec/Mexicas”)
The Spaniards referred to Tenochtitlan, “The greatest city in Mexico.” At the time the city had 200,000 people. The empire during this time Montezuma was a powerful ruler and he was not to touch the earth and no one could come near him and touch him. Montezuma welcomes the Spaniards with open arms, and gave Cortes gifts. (Carrasco
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