Aztecs Cosmology

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The Aztecs cosmology was a unique combination of mythology. Their beliefs about themselves and their purpose were not something they took lightly. “The mystic-militaristic approach characteristic of Aztec religion…felt that the purpose of man’s creation was to provide blood for the maintenance of the Sun’s life” (Leon-Portilla, Aztec Thought & Culture, 122). With this perspective of themselves, the Aztecs believed that human sacrifice was not only justified but necessary for the lives of civilization. Simply put, mankind was “food” for god. On the other hand, “the tlamatinime’s interpretation of the creation perhaps held more meaning than might be supposed” (Leon-Portilla, Aztec Thought & Culture, 122) because they saw themselves as…show more content…
Although Judaism is not a contemporary religion, but actually an older belief system than the Aztecs, I chose to compare the two beliefs. The first and most obvious alignment of the two belief systems is the sacrifices. Although the purpose of Jewish sacrifice of animals was for the forgiveness of sins, the idea that the shedding of blood is necessary for “life” is the same. The life the Jews were sacrificing for was their own spiritual life and the life the Aztecs were sacrificing for was the life of the Sun and themselves because they needed the Sun. The Jews also believed that “the essence of sacrifice is to bring a person closer to G-d” ( In addition to similarities in their rituals, the Jews do not believe that life end at death but “have a firm belief in an afterlife, a world to come, where those who have lived a worthy life will be rewarded” ( Again, there are huge differences about how someone will be rewarded because Aztecs believe that the destination of life after death is determined by how you die, not how you live. Lastly, I want to point out that both beliefs had many outward appearances of their beliefs. What I mean is that there are many signs and symbols in the Jewish culture, such as the Star of David, the menorah, and the mezuzah. They have ritualistic

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