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Azusa pacific university is a wonderful university to continue my education through a Christian academic program. To able to continue my education here will allow be to grow in my Christian faith and as better person. Azusa is known as great university that help student in their Christian faith and educational. My reason for continuing my education through Christian academic program is enrich my learning, be in a community that is around faith and to grow from the experience that university provides.
In continuing my education through Christian academic program is to enrich my learning both in the classroom and be applied it outside the classroom. By a classroom experience in the context of the Christian faith, and Christian faculty who are well-known experts in their fields learning about my major and Christian faith together can help me develop a better understanding in both. What I mean by this is that I don't need to learn about to different things separately and
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Living in a community and abiding by a statement of faith that reflects the shared values and behavioral expectations of that community. In wanting to be surrounded around other people that have the same believes as myself I feel I will be able to grow as a better Christian and able to do more for the community. Also, experiencing new subject and activities in learning on how to do more things for the community that I might have not thought before. This goes to my next reason is to grow from the experience that the university provides. The university will provide many new lessons in faith and beyond that I will be able to apply anywhere I go and be able to help other no matter what. By reinforcing my faith in a Christian school Azusa Pacific university I will be able to learn in faith and be developed into a person that when I came in the

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